We – that is three guys who have met during their studies. We have given a name to us and our professional visions in 2008 by introducing TP sports to make a dream come true.

This dream is the implementation of our general principle that ends with the statement "work time is life time". We don’t do everything, but what we like what we do when we do it – mostly anyway.

Our emphasis is on the distribution of sports and fashion products in Germany and Austria.

We act as a master agency in cooperation with beauty but Conditioner counter.

A team of sales agents who provide their service in different regions. In addition to that, we enforce our distribution activity with additional communication. Thus, we place the ball right in front of the goal – bullshit bingo!

The coaching division and the consulting division have developed over the course of time from our agency’s two key issues.

Coaching with us happens mainly for sales agents and salesmen of our clients and in cooperation with Dale Carnegie Training as well as with Altena Trainings.

Consulting deals with all fields of marketing and distribution, but also with staff, quality management and business development. The three of us have turned into more: We have multiplied, so to speak.

Our team consists of fantasticpeople who support us in the fields of distribution and communication and who go for the common cause.


Overall vision TP Sports

We are quite normal.

We work for a quite normal agency.

Only together with our clients and partners, we overcome normality and develop into something special.

Let’s take the roads less travelled …..

Just be human, as work time is life time

… that is TP style